What is FrontRow?

Brand, meet influencer. Influencer, meet brand. Our network of top Middle Eastern influencers is created to help brands and opinion leaders find each other. It bridges the gap between those with the brand, and those with the voice to cooperate and create successful online campaigns. A modern day 'matchmaker', if you will.

Who can join FrontRow?

FrontRow is open to influencers who live across the Middle East. An influencer is simply a person who is widely known for creating and/or curating content around a topic area, and as a result has amassed a number of followers and engagement on their social media content. They are likely to be foodies, fashionistas, travellers, photographers, artists, fitness freaks, or just super relatable.

What sort of assignments should influencers and brands connect for:

By being a part of FrontRow, influencers expect to receive exclusive invites, products and services. Here are some types of assignments brands can connect with influencers for:

  1. Digital Brand Ambassadors
  2. Food Tastings
  3. Product Launches
  4. Product / Service / Issue Reviews
  5. Influencer Marketing Events
  6. Special Guests and VIPs for events
  7. Paid Advertorials

Some information about an influencer/brand is incorrect. How can I report this?

Hellooooo Sherlock! Thanks for spotting that. To report any incorrect or missing information about the influencers or the brands, you can contact us on info@frontrow.ae.


How long do I have to wait for a response and what’s next?

We love eager beavers! We review applications on a rolling basis and are currently experiencing a high level of demand. We will contact you via email with next steps only if you’re application is accepted. We thank you for your understanding.

How many followers do I need to be invited to FrontRow?

You’re more than a number (of followers)! As we evaluate requests for invitation to the FrontRow influencer network, we look at many factors including number of followers, but also engagement, and quality of content and brand relevancy. There is no set cut-off and influencers across all tiers and categories are represented via FrontRow.

Why do I need to list my social media account URLs to be considered?

We want to see your best work! While we review applications, we need to look at your content and the relationship you have with your following. If you’d prefer not to list them, we won’t be able to adequately evaluate your application. The application to join FrontRow is optional and it is not mandatory to list your social media account URLs.

Some information about an influencer/brand is incorrect. How can I report this?

Hellooooo Sherlock! Thanks for spotting that. To report any incorrect or missing information about the influencers or the brands, you can contact us on info@frontrow.ae.


What is an influencer? Am I one?

An influencer is someone known for creating content around certain interest or topic which has resulted in a loyal group of followers. For example, you could be someone who posts about their outfit of the day on Instagram or create how-to videos on YouTube. It’s not all dependent on the number of followers but rather the level of impact your content has - i.e. your influence. Other words for influencers are: content creator, tastemakers, bloggers, cool kids, etc.

Okay so how does FrontRow work for influencers?

If you're an influencer, we like you already. Simply sign up to get discovered by hundreds of international and local brands looking to put you in the FrontRow. Just create a profile, add your interests and wait for brands to get in touch with you. It's easier than buying followers!

Can anyone join FrontRow?

Now what would be the point of that? Our directory is curated meaning every influencer that signs up goes through a screening process. Our expert team assesses influencer submissions on their following authenticity & engagement and content quality & performance. If you pass the screening process, you are then invited to login and fill out your influencer profile.

I don’t think I would pass your selection process.

Let us be the judge of that. Sign up anyway! You’d be surprised the undiscovered talent that lies within the depths of Instagram in this region - that’s exactly who we want to connect brands with.

How do I register as an Influencer?

As a social media savant, you know the drill: You'll have to create an account. Click 'Sign up' and fill in your basic info, contact details and social media handle. Once your social channels have been vetted & approved by our expert team, you'll be able to create your username & password. You can then login to complete your FrontRow profile and start connecting with brands!

Can I join FrontRow if I’m working with another influencer network?

Yes absolutely! We work with both represented (i.e. those with managers) and unrepresented influencers. We do not require any exclusivity or long-term obligations. You’re too young to be tied down (to one platform).

What do I do after creating a profile?

You did it. There's no going back now. Sit back and wait for the collaborations to roll in. Or take initiative! Check out our brand directory and see all the brands who have opted in to create a brand page, and reach out to some of your favourites today.

Who can see my profile?

At FrontRow we take privacy very seriously. The general public does not have access to your profile. Only our approved clients(brands/agencies) may see your full profile, including published rates/email address – so that they may contact you directly for potential collaborations and campaigns. Please note your age and phone number is not visible to any client or user.

Why is a complete profile important?

Would you ever publish half a post? Or only three quarters of a tweet? Nah. Didn't think so. A complete profile makes it easier for brands and agencies to find you. On FrontRow, businesses search for influencers by country, interests, social channels so the more information you provide, the easier you'll be discovered! Take a peak at our sample profile

FrontRow already has a profile of me that I didn't create.

Your reputation precedes you, it seems! No matter, contact our team and we’ll be have to restore the profile to its rightful social queen/king or delete it if you so prefer.

How do I get paid?

Ah, the real question. Long story short, compensation/contracts are discussed outside of FrontRow between the influencer and the brand/agency, where the adults talk. Think of FrontRow as the guy telling the friend that this other friend really likes them. We don’t take cuts and commissions - only make connections.

How does FrontRow contact me for projects?

Once a brand is interested in partnering up with you, our Influencer Relationship Manager will reach out with campaign details via the email address or phone number provided in your application. You can then review, ask questions and either accept or decline the campaign brief.

What sort of projects will I get from FrontRow?

The sky's the limit. FrontRow provides influencers paid campaign opportunities ranging from sponsored blog posts, product reviews, branded video series, event attendance, and activations on social channels like Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube.

Do I have to work with every brand that approaches me?

Absolutely not! We encourage you only to work with the brands and on the campaigns that interest you and your audience. Turning down a brand will not hurt your chances of getting other offers. You’re an influencer, not a billboard.

For Brands/Agencies

How does FrontRow work for brands?

If you represent a brand, don't be shy now. There’s many ways we can connect you with the region’s top influencers. Register with us and we’ll start putting you in touch. In the meantime, check out our services page here.

Why do I need influencer/influencer marketing?

Great question. 47% of millennials using adblock technology, brands are realising the best way to reach them is through content from sources they trust. As a result, influencer marketing budgets are only getting bigger and bigger – and yours should too! Brands that use social influencers are seeing up to a 10X increase in conversion rates. In fact, most marketers (81%) that have tried influencer marketing find it to be effective (eMarketer)

Although, it can be hard to find and connect with the right influencers. 59% of marketers say engaging with influencers is a challenge - that’s what we’re here for. Join us today and start connecting with the right influencers.

How much does it cost? Does it cover influencer fees?

At FrontRow, we understand that every influencer campaign is different - it depends on what you’re looking for. If you’re looking at exploring the directory and contacting influencers directly, then we charge a one-off subscription fee that doesn’t cover influencer rates. If it’s a more managed solution you’re after, get in touch with our expert team here.

Can influencers contact me directly?

Of course, FrontRow allows brands to create a Brand page where you can sign up and add information about the type of influencers you’d like to work with and your contact details. Here’s a sample. Registered influencer may contact you directly to explore collaboration opportunities.

How many influencers can FrontRow give me access to?

FrontRow has a database of over 900 local influencers from over 11 countries, 20 influencer interests (e.g. Fashion, Beauty) and 6 social media platforms. And we’re adding new influencers daily. If you subscribe to the FrontRow directory, you can access as many profiles as your package allows. Find out more about our packages here.

Can I cancel at anytime?

We’re a no commitment platform. Once your subscription or campaign with us ends, you are free. All you need to do is get in touch with our team.

I loved my experience! How do I restart my subscription or solution?

We’re glad you’re back! Feel free to get in touch with one of our team members and we’ll be happy to put you back in the FrontRow.

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